The BioTreks conference is now just around the corner on Saturday, 28 April from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Time.  However, finished drafts of your paper should be ready by the end of the day on Friday, 20 April, when they'll be moved from your team rooms into the public viewing area for people to read and comment on in advance of the the conference.

Here are four things that you should be taking care of in the run-up to the conference:

  1. Access your team room.  If you've registered as an author on one of the papers, you should have already received access to a private team room which contains the abstract and a template for your paper.  You should be able to see your team room from the Room browser.  Please make sure that you and your co-authors have access to these items.
  2. Check out the Author's lounge.  Go to the Authors' Lounge to review the Author's Guide and relevant page templates.  It's important that you familiarize yourself with the Author's Guide before writing your manuscript.
  3. Attend classes in the Lecture Hall.  Also visit the Lecture Hall to access a number of valuable tutorials on reading and writing scientific papers.  Every time you complete a tutorial, you will receive a badge.  The average number of badges that are collected by you and your coauthors will determine whether your manuscript receives a Conference Participation medal at the end of peer-review event.
  4. Complete your user profile.  You can also earn a badge by uploading an image to your user profile and adding a brief description of your interests and experiences to the bio section.  This is an easy four points so please take a moment to do this.