Late addition to the jamboree - Engineering the Human Lung Microbiome to Degrade Inhaled Carcinogens - please note this paper has not undergone editorial checks at PLOS yet but please go ahead and provide feedback!

Discovery and Characterization of Novel Lignocellulosic Enzymes from the Porcupine Microbiome - Dalhousie

Current production as a faster expression reporter than GFP under anaerobic conditions - Michigan State University

CampyLOCATOR: Characterizing Genetic Circuit Components in E. coli towards a Campylobacter jejuni Biosensor - University of Glasgow

A synthetic microbial consortium to detect and kill Vibrio cholerae - INSA-UPS

Modulating Responses In Synthetic Circuits Using High Cooperativity Repressors - Generation Of Square Wave Oscillations - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Engineered Microbes to Sense and Respond to Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli - Carroll High School

Quantification of DNA samples by Ethidium Bromide Spot Technique -  Kingsborough Community College, City University of New York

A thermo-responsive plasmid for biconditional protein expression - IONIS 

Machine Learning Proteomics - Florida Atlantic University

Contrasting Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Rubber Pipelines, and a Synthetic Biological Solution - Stanford Brown

Getting there and staying there: supporting and enabling persistent human life on Mars using synthetic natural rubber, self-healing materials, and biological batteries - Stanford Brown

Astroplastic: A start-to-finish process for polyhydroxybutyrate production from solid human waste using genetically engineered bacteria to address the challenges for future manned Mars missions - University of Calgary

Recombinant expression of Proteorhodopsin and biofilm in Escherichia coli for nanoparticle binding and removal in wastewater treatment model - TAS Taipei

CLiP’d: Characterizing Non-Lysosomal Inducible Protein Degradation - Lambert High School

SUMO based expression and purification of dermcidin-derived DCD-1L, a human antimicrobial peptide in Escherichia coli - Aalto-Helsinki

Competing endogenous RNA network: Potential entrants to gene editing in Hepatocellular Carcinoma - AFCM Egypt