Thank you all for participating in the 2018 BioTreks conference!  

Now, that the online event is over, you have until the end of the day on Friday, 25 May to finish making edits and improvements to your manuscripts.  Afterwards, the papers will be locked down for final review and evaluation.  At that point, the judges and editors will assign medals to papers and make a final decision regarding whether the papers are suitable for publication in the October 2018 issue of the BioTreks journal.

As in previous years, medals will be assigned to manuscripts which perform exceptionally well with respect to various scientific writing and peer review criteria.  You can find a complete description of the medals here.

We'll also be deciding whether manuscripts are acceptable for publication in the upcoming BioTreks issue.  Our main criteria for publication are that the authors adhered to to formatting standards that are laid out in the Author's Guide and adequately addressed the questions and recommendations made by each of the paper's reviewers.  

We established these publication criteria in 2018 because authors in previous years occasionally failed to follow formatting guidelines or address reviewer concerns. Therefore, please make good use of this time to ensure your paper is ready for publication by:

  • Confirming that you manuscript and figures follow the requirements in the Authors Guide.  It is particularly important that you have formated figures and references as described in the guide and refrain from using images that have small, hard to read text, or are subject to copyright by another designer or publisher.
  • Continuing to check for reviewer comments.  Remember that judges and other readers can continue to review and comment on your paper until the documents are locked down at the end of May.  Therefore, you should continue to check back throughout the month and respond to reviewer comments.
  • Ensuring you adequately respond to ALL reader comments. Your response can be a simple thank you or a more involved reply, which answers the reviewer's question or specifically tells them how you incorporated their recommendations into your paper.  However, you need to take the time to adequately consider and respond to every comment either during or after the conference.
  • Continuing to earn BioConverse badges.  The Conference Participation medal is awarded to teams that have earned the most BioConverse badges for completing their user profiles, reviewing other manuscripts, and completing the video tutorials.  There is still time to complete these activities before judging begins on 25 May.