Greetings authors!  The online conference is less than 24 hours away!  You can find a complete list of the conference papers here.  However, before you get started, quickly review the following tips for making the most of the peer review event.  This conference provides an important opportunity for you to perfect your manuscript and help others improve theirs.

  • Log onto BioCoverse between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, 28 April and interact with authors from other schools as they present their own papers and review yours.  You can log in from anyplace but it helps if you're sitting alongside your team-mates at school or a coffee shop so you can discuss the best way to answer questions about your papers.
  • Make sure that at least one teammate has your paper open on their computer at all times so they can respond to readers who post questions about your article.  This individual should also open a video chat, using the Video Conference button to the left of your article, so that visitors can join a live conversation about your research.
  • The rest of your team should spend time reading and commenting on other papers.  Students will receive badges for interacting with their peers at the conference and offering particularly positive and helpful advice to other authors for improving their papers.
  • Remember that people can continue to review and comment on your paper even after Saturday's online event.  Therefore, you should continue to check back throughout the month of May and respond to reviewer comments.
  • Finally, authors are expected to address every reader comment by the time the papers are locked for editing on 25 May.  Your response can be a simple thank you or a more involved reply, which answers the reviewer's question or specifically tells them how you incorporated their recommendations into your paper.  However, you need to take the time to adequately consider and respond to every comment either during or after the conference.

Thank you so much for participating!  I hope you learn a lot about peer reviewing scientific papers at this event.  This really is an important part of the scientific process and a great way to improve your research and your writing!

Please feel free to post comments here and elsewhere on BioConverse with questions about the event and suggestions on how to make it better next year.  This is a learning process for us as well.  Thanks for your support and feedback!!