The 2018 BioTreks conference will be held online from 1030 AM - 1230 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, 28 April.   During the conference (when authors will be online to answer your questions) and over the following month, until Friday, 25 May, visitors are invited to review the following student submitted articles, and post questions or comments for the authors with the goal of helping them improve their work.  

All acceptable manuscripts will be published in the 2018 issue of BioTreks, an online peer reviewed journal for high school synthetic biology.

Here are the papers that are being presented at the conference:

Reviewers:  Please leave constructive feedback for the authors so that they will be able to improve the clarity and quality of their articles.  The most helpful reviewer for each manuscript will receive a peer-review badge in recognition of their contributions.

Authors: Be sure to respond to each comment by answering the reviewer's question, politely defending your position, or describing how you incorporated the reviewer's suggestions into your article.  Authors must respond to every comment.