BioConverse is a new online community that was established by Ars Biotechnica to handle the peer review components of the BioTreks and PLOS iGEM synthetic biology publication cycles.  

The BioConverse program is specifically designed to:

  • Host the annual BioTreks and PLOS iGEM peer review sessions.
  • Provide online training for authors and reviewers who contribute to these events.
  • Encourage high school and college student participation in both these events.

Members will be recognized for their active participation in the BioConverse community by receiving badges for completing online training, authoring papers, and providing constructive feedback to other contributors during the peer-review session.

Our first hosted event will be the 2018 BioTreks Conference.  This will be taking place from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturday, 28 April.  Please join us online for the peer review event!