Thanks for your interest in helping give feedback to iGEM teams and improving their submissions. Reviewing is very straightforward - here's how:

1.       Sign up

2.       Log in on the 23rd February between 11am and 6pm GMT

3.       Go to the PLOS Submissions Room

4.       Find an article in which you are interested or have expertise and get reviewing by

  • Inline commenting and chat - this will allow teams to respond directly to you for clarification
  • Leaving longer, more substantive comments at the bottom of an article
5.     When giving your feedback, consider questions such as:
    1. Does the study present the results of primary scientific research?
    2. Are the manuscript and analysis technically sound?
    3. Are the conclusions supported by the data and is that data available?
    4. Is the manuscript presented correctly and well written?

Please remember:

  • Reviewers, be constructive with your comments. Keep that at heart when providing feedback to the Authors.
  • Authors, your colleagues are here to help you improve your work and provide insights that you may never have thought of.
  • Have fun! When the live engagement begins in an Article and the comments start popping off the page, we hope the experience will be as immersive as it will be educational.